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Canada’s prairies produce enough mustard seeds for billions of jars each year.

Did you know that Canada is the largest producer of high-quality mustard in the world? Condiment makers like Maille use Canadian seeds for their famous Dijon. In fact, they end up buying more than 5,000 tonnes of yield every year — enough for more than 1.9 billion small jars of mustard.

Farmers like Kevin Hursh from Cabri, Sask., are part of a generation of farmers focused on international exports: Europeans are the biggest market for the brown mustard, while Americans consume mostly yellow mustard. Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he gets the inside scoop on the third most popular condiment (after salt and pepper).

CBC presents Canada 2017, a yearlong exploration of Canada and what it means to be Canadian as we mark 150 years since Confederation.


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