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With the World Wide Web serving up thousands of #delicious dishes on a daily basis, cooking has never been so accessible or exciting! Most of us are guilty of snapping a picture of an exceptional restaurant meal or our latest culinary creation and we are here to encourage all epicureans to keep on sharing your love of food!
Find us where foodies and gastronomes unite. Share your favourite mustard recipes with #MyMustard!
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With just a spoonful of mustard, the food that comes out of your kitchen can
go from fine to fabulous. Whether it’s using mustard powder, mustard seed,
the many kinds of prepared mustard, or even the mighty mustard sprout, this collection of recipes highlights just how easy and tasty it is to add mustard to your dishes. Squirt a spoonful of Dijon into soups and salad dressings, add a dash of dry mustard to a comforting meatloaf, sprinkle sprouts on your next rice bowl or toss seeds into your rice crispy squares. Yes, that’s right, rice crispy squares! Scatter mustard seed on vegetables and blend it into baked goods. You’ll never think of cornbread the same way again! Top divine Eggs Benedict and healthy lentil salads with the lively mustard sprouts. Not just a garnish, they are also full of nutrition. Versatile, convenient, affordable and rich in flavour, it’s easy to see why #MustardIsAMust!
Renée Kohlman
Chef, Mustard Lover, Recipe Developer, Cookbook Author, Food Photographer, Columnist, Blogger & Food Enthusiast
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