#MyMustard Recipe Book#MyMustard Recipe Book

Looking for an easy way to spice up your life? Choose from any one of these 25 healthy, fun and fresh recipes that showcase mustard, Canada’s favourite spice. Whether you’re a connoisseur of unique mustards or gourmand of all things local, this collection of recipes is for you.

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Modern Mustard Recipe Book

Modern Mustard Recipe Book

What is it about mustard that makes it so coveted by chefs and food lovers? Mustard provides liveliness to other flavours without overwhelming. It’s truly a spice that inspires.
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Marvels of Mustard: The Tantalizing Ten Recipes

The Tantalizing Ten recipe cards serve up some of the Marvels of Mustard. Most of the recipes featuring mustard in its prepared, seed and powder forms produce delicious main courses that can be adapted then served as appetizers.
Download “The Tantalizing Ten” Mustard Recipes  PDF (2.6 MB)

Great Saskatchewan Mustard Recipe Book

Great Saskatchewan Mustard Recipe Booklet

Tantalize your taste buds as you get a glimpse of what some of Regina’s top restaurants created during the 2010 Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival. Many thanks to Beer Bros. Bakery and Cuisine; Conexus Arts Centre; the Fainting Goat Restaurant; Fireside Bistro and the Willow on Wascana.
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Inspired by Mustard Recipe Book CoverInspired by Mustard Recipe Book

Five chefs motivate consumers, nutritionists and those in the culinary industry by creating recipes using mustard in its ground powder, prepared and seed form. Upon its release ‘Inspired by Mustard’ turned up the heat internationally by combining 66 original recipes, with highlights of mustard’s unique nutritional profile and the story of Saskatchewan strong reputation as the world largest exporter of mustard seed.
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