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Choose mustard in a variety of recipes

Margaret Prouse reviews Mustard Makeovers and More:
Who’d have thought there would be a mustard cookbook featuring information about and recipes made with this Canadian crop? Intrigued by the idea, I ordered a copy as soon as I read about it.
Read the full review here.


Mustard Majesty on the Prairie and in the Vineyard

In California, there is a legend about how it came to pass that mustard seemingly grows wild among the grapevines. It was a Franciscan missionary who first spread the mustard seed while landscaping church properties throughout California. Planting was simple – these early world gardeners carried the mustard seeds in a sack slung over their backs, and each sack had a small hole in it, so as they walked, the seeds would scatter.


Mustard seed holds health benefits

Mustard seed is mainly used an ingredient in food but after a recent report commissioned by the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission that could change.


Food for Thought Around Holiday Time

At this time of year, I am humbled by the fresh bounty available to us, and so appreciative of those who sow, harvest, deliver and make it taste great. Reconnecting with fresh, simple food has been an anchor in my journey from feeling tired and worn down; to balanced, capable and wanting to be a positive influence for as long as I’m able.


Judy Scott Welden whips up some comfort food

Judy Foodie demonstrates comfort food recipes from “Mustard Makeovers and More” cookbook on CTV Morning Live.

Get the Meat Loaf with Spicy Mustard recipe here, and the Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables recipe here.

Prepared Mustard… Straight from the Field

I’ve been wondering how a jar of prepared mustard gets to be a jar of prepared mustard. How hard is it (really) to process the seeds harvested by Saskatchewan’s mustard seed growers and concoct a bright, zippy preparation worthy of a scratch cook’s kitchen?


Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival 2016

Patti Haus, I Heart Regina:
I had the opportunity to attend the 10th Great Saskatchewan Mustard Festival which is an annual festival that showcases the culinary talent that we have right here in Regina. 24 vendors creatively used various types of mustard to produce gourmet delicacies. With local restaurants like Lancasters Taphouse, Crave, Beer Brothers, Sprout Catering, Conexus Arts Centre, Industrial Park Cafe, Casino Regina, Coney Island Cafe, Malt, The Capital, Lobby Public House and Table 10, we were guaranteed to find some delicious cuisine.
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Spotlight on Mustard: More Than Just Your Average Condiment

Nazima Qureshi reviews Mustard Makeovers and More:
When you think of mustard, what is the first thing you think of? The classic yellow condiment that you smother all over your hot dogs? While you are absolutely right, mustard is more than just a condiment, it is also a spice and a leafy green!
Read the full review here.


From the Pickle Jar to the Cookie Jar

I only fully realized my commitment to mustard seed when I tasted my first mustard seed cookie.


Cooking with Mustard: Turkey Sliders & Pasta Salad

Judy Foodie demonstrates how to boost flavour with mustard on CTV Morning Live.

Get the Turkey Sliders recipe here, and the Marinated Corn and Lentil Pasta Salad recipe here.


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